JumpLab: a testbed for studying jump motion and scrolling algorithms of videogames

Install & Run

Prepartion of the environment

JumpLab runs on Processing 3.5 or later. Plus, two additional libraries, ControlP5 and Game Control Plus, are required. From the menubar, choose Sketch→Import Library...→Add Library... then type "controlP5" and "game control plus" in the search window to install them as shown in the following figure.

Download and installation of JumpLab

Once Processing and the required libraries are ready, download the ZIP file containing the source code from the following link, extract it into the folder where you want to install JumpLab. Then open 'jumplab.pde' included in the extracted folder from Processing.


The git repository of JumpLab is hosted by GitHub.

Please post your bug reports or pull requests to the repository above.


The collision detection between the player character and obstacles is implemented in a much older way in JumpLab. This is a remnant from the early development stage, when one of our goals was to reproduce old games' bugs (actually not implemented yet). If you want to make a new platform game, we do not recommend you to use our code as reference.