TENORI-ON is one of the coolest electric musical device: it is portable, easy to play and good for audio-visual performance. But I have not purchased it yet because it is expensive and a shortage in Japan.

That is the reason why I made an unplugged version of TENORI-ON, or "TENORI-OFF".

Materials list



Cut the acrylic board square, then surround it with silver-painted pipes. Make 5mm wide slits in corner pipes to hold the board.

Prototype and the TENORI-ON

You should measure and cut the board and pipes before assembling. The real TENORI-ON is 205mm square.


You can generate at most 360 sounds per sheet.

Various sound layer can be used for various sounds.

Optional lights are promising.

Future work


Many thanks and an apology to Mr. Iwai and the YAMAHA TENORI-ON team.