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Multiple Pointing Input System


An Multiple Pointing Input System(MPIS) allows concurrent manipulation of multiple pointing devices.

On a traditional Graphical User Interface(GUI), the users manipulate computer application by selecting or moving graphical objects on a screen with one pointing device. Usually, the GUI allows only one pointing device, so users can manipulate only one object. For concurrent manipulation of multiple objects, pre-selecting or constraint based technique are known.

MPIS allows users to manipulate multiple objects via multiple pointing devices intuitively.

Prototype System

We've constructed a prototype system and had experimental evaluation on it. This picture shows the prototype system, that allows manipulation of 8 pointing devices simultaneously. Each device attached different colored felt on its bottom surface, and they are manipulated on the clear acrylic board. A video camera is set below the board, and captures images of devices. The coordinates of each device is calculated from these images.

screen shot

Demo Video

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